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About Us

About Goolton

As one of smart AR glasses manufacturers​, Goolton Technology focuses on AI and AR application technology to achieve smart sharing and industrial enablement based on AR wearable devices and is devoted to providing the best AR smart glasses.

Having cooperated with well-known university research institutes and labs such as Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and established the AR Application Technology Research Institute with Tsinghua Holdings, Goolton is a leading virtual reality company.

Technical advantages

Core Technology

The company’s core technologies include high-performance array and holographic optical waveguides, AR glasses-based AI recognition algorithm engine, fast 3D modeling, and digital twin technology. 

Certification strength

Goolton as a professional AR glasses company, has more than 200 intellectual property patents, including 67 invention patents, 32 utility model patents, and 77 software copyrights.

Independent R&D

Independent R&D of optics, with the most advanced high-precision nano-level holographic optical laboratory in China, which can provide customization of the entire system of arrays and holographic optical waveguides, AR hardware, and development kits.

Goolton Technology AR Solutions

Application Scenario

Application scenario virtual simulation training

Industrial Remote Guidance

AR Cultural Travel Guide

Portable Cinema

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