5G Helps AR Smart Glasses Locate News and News Perspectives

5G Helps AR Smart Glasses Locate News and News Perspectives

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In the past, video news was limited by the delay of the network bandwidth, the instability of the handheld camera, the lack of clear pictures, etc, and it has not been able to bring the best experience to the audience. Similarly, although AR technology and terminal equipment have gone through many iterations, the user’s visual experience is still unsatisfactory.

Nowadays, all this has undergone a very big change, because “5G+AR smart glasses” brings a brand new reporting method to news dissemination. The first is that the 5G network’s high bandwidth and low latency characteristics completely eliminate the user’s visual dizziness. Secondly, with the help of new technologies such as near-eye display, perceptual interaction, rendering processing, network transmission, and content production, media have tried to build immersive news content that integrates virtual and real for users. And there are more and more emerging types of AR glasses.

1. “5G+AR smart glasses” allows users to stand at the first angle

With 5g smart glasses, viewers can “share” the entire news event with journalists, editors, and parties, and become part of the “news scene”. It is understood that the New York Times, CNN, CGTN and other news media organizations have begun to try to provide audiences with 360-degree, 720-degree panoramic video news.

In the future, the in-depth integration of AR smart glasses and AI artificial intelligence technology based on 5G networks can save a lot of time and manpower investment in repeated proofreading. It can also be more efficient and accurate to grasp the real-time situation and information of various news sites across the country from the news center. Change, quickly and correctly publish the manuscript. It can be said that this is a very successful attempt at news reporting with new methods, new forms, and new technologies.

What 5G will bring is not only faster network transmission speed and lower network latency, but also a series of revolutionary technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, virtual/augmented reality technology (VR/AR), etc., and bring subversive changes to people’s work and life. The smart glasses industry is becoming stronger under the support of new technologies and media. For news media, the 5G era means new opportunities and unlimited possibilities. The new technology of AR smart glasses using 5G as the channel is bound to bring unprecedented innovation to news dissemination.

2. Smart glasses promote the development of media integration and build an all-media

The mainstream media must keep up with the times, and boldly use new technologies, mechanisms, and models to accelerate the pace of integration and development to maximize and optimize the effect of publicity. The dissemination method of “5G+AR smart glasses” exactly conforms to the new requirements of “interactive, service-style, and experiential news information services” put forward by new media.

In the era of Internet 4.0, Omni-media continues to develop, and full-process media, holographic media, all-employee media, and full-effect media appear one by one. Information is ubiquitous and omnipotent, and no one uses it. The ecology of public opinion, media structure, and communication methods have undergone profound changes. News and public opinion work is facing new challenges. “5G+AR smart glasses” will face difficulties, and the multi-point layout will inevitably bring richer and stronger penetration, interaction and influence to the news and public opinion propaganda in the 4.0 era.

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