“5g+ Smart Glasses” Brings Unlimited Possibilities for News Dissemination

“5g+ Smart Glasses” Brings Unlimited Possibilities for News Dissemination

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In the past, video news has not been able to bring the best experience to the audience due to the jam latency of the network bandwidth, the instability of the handheld camera, and the lack of clear pictures. Similarly, although AR technology and terminal equipment have undergone many iterations, the user’s visual experience is still unsatisfactory.

1. The effect of 5g Augmented Reality glasses on news dissemination

Today, all this has undergone earth-shaking changes. 5g AR glasses bring a new way of reporting for news dissemination.

Firstly, the 5G network’s high bandwidth and low delay characteristics completely eliminate the user’s visual dizziness.

Secondly, with the help of new media technologies such as near-eye display, perceptual interaction, rendering processing, network transmission and content production with 5g Augmented Reality glasses, media have tried to build immersive news content that is fusion of virtual and real for users.

5g Augmented Reality glasses allow users to stand at the first point of view, “share” the entire news event with journalists, editors, and parties, and become part of the “news scene”.

2. The development of 5g Augmented Reality glasses

Nowadays, Chinese news media have tried to use Chinese AR glasses to conduct on-site interviews and reports from the first perspective of on-site reporters.

The on-site interview and report video stream are sent to the editor-in-chief of the cloud platform through the 5G network. With the help of AR smart glasses, the back-end command center can communicate and interact with the front in real-time, realizing the first-time linkage scheduling.

The joint report of 5G Augmented Reality glasses and AI artificial intelligence saves a lot of time and manpower input for repeated proofreading and can produce the manuscript more efficiently and accurately. It can be said that this is a very successful attempt to report the news with new methods, new forms and a sense of AR glasses technology.

What 5G will bring is not only faster network transmission speed and lower network latency, but also a series of revolutionary technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, virtual/augmented reality algorithms(AR) and so on, which are subversive changes to people’s work and life.

For news media, the 5G era means new opportunities and unlimited possibilities. The new technology of AR smart glasses using 5G as the channel is bound to bring unprecedented innovation to news dissemination.