Augmented reality glasses combine the digital and actual worlds, much like all other AR-compatible gadgets. But what makes them unique is that they can automatically display a digital overlay into a person’s field of vision. Rather than simply presenting information onto a transparent screen, they are able to comprehend the surroundings around them. In this article, we talk about

GOOLTON is a smart AR glasses manufacturer. Goolton offers the Latest AR Smart glasses C2000-S.

In this article, we talk about  C2000-S.


  •  Optics and electronics

These AR glasses use OLED waveguide optics as their display technology. These glasses feature a 48-megapixel camera which is an anti-shake camera. Micro-OLED chip is inserted in it for the purpose of the display. Android acts as its operating system. Android version 9 or above is expected. It has a strong transmittance of up to 82%. Its screen is 400 NIT bright. The contrast ratio is 100000:1 with a 1% distortion. 27 MM is the exit pupil distance.

  •  Controls

It can be operated with a gesture on the touchpad, a voice command, or buttons.

  • Audio

It features two microphones. Noise cancellation is possible, and voice recognition accuracy rates in 90 BD are 96%.

  • Battery

The detachable battery in AR glasses makes them suitable for prolonged use.

  • System

webOS is a Linux kernel-based multitasking operating system for smart devices. AR glasses have used it as an operating system.


  1. These 6-dimensionally adjustable augmented reality glasses don’t obstruct vision.
  2. Glasses are equipped with adjustable displays, are lightweight, friendly to those who use glasses, are compatible with helmets, and may be worn with goggles.
  3. These wearable smart glasses have an IP66 water resistance rating and are explosion-proof, dust-proof, and drop-proof by 1.6 meters.
  4. It is designed to be worn with either a left or right eye.
  5. Its optimal operating temperature range is -30°C to 60°C.
  6. It only uses 400 MW of power, which is an insignificant quantity.
  7. Goolton provides C2000S wearable AR glasses with an HD camera, voice interaction, and loudspeaker.
  8. These wearable smart glasses can be used in industrial settings such as mining operations and storage sorting.