AR Comes to Life

AR Comes to Life

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What are your impressions about AR (Augmented Reality), a concept that is not new to us? Is it a short-lived hype concept, or is it a strong windfall worth investing in? Is it a new blue ocean with unlimited potential, or has it been proved that this road is not feasible? Is it a distant vision of the future, or has it quietly come around? Today, let us discuss these topics with you.

1. The dawn of exploration

Compared with the red-hot VR in previous years, the development of AR technology seems to be on the road of “good but not good” – on the one hand, we do see many big companies have launched high-end AR devices, although the high price makes them almost unrelated to C-end users. On the one hand, we have seen a number of high-end AR devices launched by major companies, and despite their high price, they are almost unrelated to C-users, but their excellent reviews have always given them a place in the reports of technology frontier media. Even though it is still in the early stage of development, the strong potential of AR technology has become a commonly recognized fact in the industry.

But on the other hand, years ago, we have seen the heavy lesson of front-end technology makers who tried AR hardware and ended up sinking because the concept was too avant-garde to keep up with the level of technology development; at the same time, the ending of “popular IP + AR = hot sale” always has the question of “whether the key to the hot sale is AR or the popular IP itself”. In the end, even though it is the consensus of the technology industry that AR technology contains strong potential, I am afraid that it is still an intriguing question as to when this technology will explode.

So how should GuDong Technology Co., Ltd. view the current state of the AR industry? Is it to continue to stay on the sidelines and wait for the right time to mature, or can we gradually launch our attempts? The answer may be a bit more optimistic than most of our friends’ expectations.

2. The lure of “embedded reality

When it comes to AR digital application, one of the keywords that many friends think of first is LBS – although the technology itself has long been considered not new and avant-garde, but when this concept is combined with AR, the new vitality that explodes is still breathtaking: if “virtual reality (VR) If the key to “virtual reality (VR)” is “virtual”, then there is no doubt that the core of the concept of “augmented reality (AR)” is “reality” itself.

From the most basic navigation and location measurement, to the graffiti left by hand in the void like no one’s watching, to the penalty shootout that will not interfere with anyone but you, everything can be seen in the real world on the small screen of our mobile phones. Perhaps it’s just a spark of creativity, and perhaps there’s still a big gap between perfection and reality, but there’s no denying that the fun generated by AR technology, such as this, is really hard to achieve in the previous mobile application experience.

Peeking into the real world through the cameras of cell phones and tablets, sliding fingers, capturing the Pokémon on the roadside – this is only the effect that can be achieved as a “transition program”, and if AR exclusive headset devices are officially promoted, what beautiful new world will be presented in front of us? What kind of beautiful new world will be presented to us? From the first moment we open our eyes and put on the AR eyeglasses every day, the interactive streaming media will fill every corner of our vision, even if it is only the first generation of “moving the screen from the hands to the eyes”, it is enough to make the cell phone era of “head-down people It’s not an exaggeration to say that the “heads down” of the mobile phone era has become a joke that is completely obsolete.

From the perspective of some of the glasses for AR that started to emerge in 2019, the idea of “connecting cell phones” products that “abandon the integration of all units and exist as display modules alone” has been gradually accepted by the industry; Gu Dong Technology Co. The digital entertainment APPs created on the AR platform nowadays, the adjustment and modification needed to be transplanted to these devices is not as complicated as imagined – unconsciously, the AR industry chain has come to us, and catching this train is close at hand.