AR Glasses C5000D

AR Glasses C5000D

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The use of digital material to enhance real-world situations on a mobile device screen is known as augmented reality (AR). Virtual and augmented reality are very distinct technology when it comes to their differences. The foundation of augmented reality is a footprint of a real environment, and instead of replacing the virtual environment, it only augments it with extra computer-generated data like animation or three-dimensional objects. As smart mobile devices have become more prevalent and their capabilities have continued to advance, augmented reality has also made its way into eyeglasses.

AR smart glasses are a wearable transparent device that generates AR content within the scene from the user’s viewpoint.

GLOOTON  is a smart AR glasses manufacturer. Its latest AR glasses are C5000D. This article is all about it.


  •  Optics and electronics

C5000D features a 13-megapixel main camera and 2 fisheye cameras. It also has an identification camera which is used to identify surroundings. It’s a birdbath display in FOV 50°. 1920*1080 is the resolution of these glasses. These AR glasses have sensors for gravity, light, gyro, and magnetometer. Storage capacity for these glasses is 6g+128g. These glasses connect or transmit using WIFI6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

  •  Controls

It can be controlled through voice commands, six-dimensional gestures, buttons, a remote, and head motion trackers.

  • Audio

It contains a Noise-cancelling microphone and dual directional speakers.

  • Battery

 It is powered by is 6000 to 8000 mAH battery. The 6000 mAh battery in these AR smart glasses supports PD 3.0 quick charging.


  1. These augmented reality smart glasses have an adjustable and integrated design.
  2. These glasses’ positioning system employs SLAM technology.
  3. These glasses feature a backup recording AF camera, identify, and another record AF camera.
  4. A Positioning camera is placed at the top of the lens for better results.
  5. These AR smart glasses can be turned on or off with a key and also have an audio jack.
  6. These glasses have photo sensors.
  7. The best feature of these glasses is they can recognize speech.
  8. These smart glasses are used in augmented reality games, the healthcare sector, and vocational training.