AR Glasses Company Goolton Technology Has Deepened Its Digital Transformation and Obtained Strategic Financing Again

AR Glasses Company Goolton Technology Has Deepened Its Digital Transformation and Obtained Strategic Financing Again

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Recently, Goolton Technology, a leading domestic company in the field of AI+AR, announced that it has obtained another tens of millions of yuan in strategic financing, led by Guangzhou Urban Investment Kaide Capital, followed by many institutions, bucking the trend in this epidemic and capital winter , once again won the favor of institutions.

Founded in 2017, Goolton Technology, as a leading promoter of “AR to transform cognition and AI to empower the industry”, is deeply engaged in the digital twin and digital interaction of AI+AR, providing services ranging from array/holographic optical waveguide design, optical modules, wearable Full-stack customized services from interaction to application software to create a new generation of intelligent information systems, which are widely used in industry, security, power and other industries to help customers achieve the best business value.

Goolton Technology is the founder of a national high-tech enterprise and many co-founders come from companies such as Digital China, Cisco, Sunny Optical and other well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Beihang University and Beijing Jiaotong University. Research talent. Goolton Technology has in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutes such as Jinan University and Beijing Jiaotong University, attracting professionals with rich experience in optics, hardware, artificial intelligence, interaction design, etc. It has the fastest growth, and has obtained the intellectual property standard implementation certificate. It has been selected as a 5G solution provider of China Unicom and a demonstration of 5G+ industrial Internet application in Guangdong.

1. The return of AR: the value emerges after the hustle and bustle

With the maturity of large-scale infrastructure such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things, the investment scale of the United States and China continued to lead the world in 2019. PTC reported a 10-fold increase in AR business volume in April this year compared to February, and Forrester reports that by 2025, 14 million U.S. workers are expected to regularly use smart eyes glasses at work.

In 2020, the unexpected outbreak of the global epidemic has objectively pushed AR technology to the public again, making more traditional enterprises realize that remote AR assistance is both a rigid need and a trend.

In the past two years, China’s AR track has developed well. In particular, 5G has eliminated the pain points of industry development, and a large amount of investment has spawned more AR application scenarios. The most effective tool for “wisdom with numbers” is AR.

Practice has proved that the transformation of enterprises to industrial interconnection should be based on their own technical capabilities, financial strength, and business capabilities, not blindly launching fully automatic production lines and unmanned chemical plants. The most urgent consideration at present is the most important asset for the enterprise” People” to empower, establish a more agile, efficient, reasonable and safe resource allocation capability, promote better joint integration of people, people, machines, people and data, and the current mature, feasible and imaginative landing The project is an AR system driven by AI.

2. Advanced optics and AI technology build core competitiveness

Cui Haitao, founder of Goolton Technology, believes that the company’s development is due to its insistence on independent research and development of optical and AI core technology algorithms. Based on previous technological breakthroughs and accumulation, it has formed comprehensive coverage and rapid iterative development capabilities, which can continuously prove to customers. Its own value, and promote the implementation of various applications.

Taking the AR display module light source as an example, most domestic waveguide displays use LCOS panels. The inherent shortcomings of LCOS lead to low picture contrast and clarity, and high power consumption. As the most mature and advanced display panel technology, OLED has unparalleled capabilities. advantages, but brightness is always a pain point problem. Goolton Technology pioneered the patented seven-fold and dodecahedron optomechanical technology with independent intellectual property rights. Under the same conditions, the brightness can reach 5 times that of the industry peers, the light transmittance is as high as 85%, the field of view is up to 43°, and the focusing range of the lens is increased. 1 times, the eye-relief is more than 22mm.

Taking the AI algorithm as an example, the AI recognition algorithm engine independently developed by Goolton Technology based on AR glasses introduces an attention mechanism to realize target detection and recognition, and optimizes the viewing angle of glasses, light changes, partial occlusion, industrial objects, etc. in milliseconds. recognition, the accuracy is improved by 11.3%.

3. Deeply cultivate the To B industry to empower digital transformation

In December 2019, Magic leap announced a high-profile announcement to adjust its direction and return to the field of enterprise services. IDC data from the same period shows that starting in 2019, AR spending in the industrial sector is overtaking the consumer sector. By 2023, industrial spending will triple that of consumer spending.

The industrial AR glasses applications in China is more urgent. Cui Haitao, founder of Goolton Technology, believes that low labor productivity has been a major disadvantage for us for a long time. In 2015, my country’s unit labor output was less than 14% of that of the United States. Our economic development has always been dependent on the rapid development of capital and labor. Growth, resulting from rapid productivity growth, is minimal. In particular, the disappearance of the current “demographic dividend” has exceeded our expectations, and the situation is becoming more and more severe in the face of the dual dilemma of a reduction in the working-age population and an increase in labor costs. AR glasses have created a new information presentation paradigm. People can process digital and physical information at the same time, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of information absorption, decision-making and execution, and improving human labor productivity in all aspects of design, production, sales, and service. , is the most effective enabling production tool.

As an iconic company in this wave of “AR industry”, Goolton Technology has successfully implemented a large number of practical projects. AR+AI infrared temperature measurement project for resumption enterprises, remote maintenance guidance project for Bayer Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing inspection project for Zhejiang Xiandeng, AR logistics project for Jingdong, etc. A large number of problems in practical work, realizing the commercial value of AR+AI, also promoted the company to smoothly enter the next stage of large-scale commercialization.

Combining years of experience in the product industry, Goolton Technology has explored a set of its own AR large-scale implementation plan, which will pioneer the development model and product awareness of the entire industry. Mr. Cui Haitao is full of confidence in the future development: “Goolton Technology will continue to deepen the field of digital twin and digital interaction based on AR+AI, in-depth cooperation with industry customers, and work hard on technical applicability and practicality. Work hard to build a new generation of intelligent information systems in the fields of industry, transportation, logistics, and security, and realize asset digitization, information visualization, human-machine integration, and intelligent management in an all-round way.”