AR Smart Glasses Open a New Chapter for Public Security

AR Smart Glasses Open a New Chapter for Public Security

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The wave of artificial intelligence has deepened its application, and breakthroughs have been made in technologies such as AI voice, natural language processing, and computer vision. AR glasses are being supported by AI and 5G, and so are the expectations of the industry. It can bring more convenience to people’s lives on the premise of liberating human hands, and become a new hardware outlet in the scientific and technological world.

Since the development of AR smart glasses, it has been involved in many fields such as industrial manufacturing, logistics, medical care, training, etc., creating surprises one after another for us. Now, we have discovered another application field with great development potential-public security.

1. What can AR eyeglasses bring to public security?

As the next generation of human-computer interaction and computing platforms, AR empowers the public security industry with tremendous innovation capabilities.

The information in any security system can be intuitively projected on any medium and can be interactive. The greatest advantage of AR glasses design is the fusion of virtual and real, which can directly project a lot of scene-related digital information into the medium in the scene, and perform real-time dynamic integration, which enhances the ability and efficiency of security personnel on duty to collect, understand, and process information.

Security personnel no longer have to sit in front of the monitoring display to watch the monitor, but can watch and grasp the situation in real time through the AR smart glasses worn on their heads. Security personnel can walk around to perform tasks at will during the viewing process, and interact with the monitoring screen in a natural interactive form. Security personnel will not be restricted by the physical screen. They only need to wear AR smart glasses to see real-time superimposed 3D or panoramic scene information in real space.

The advantages of Goolton’s AR eyeglasses: high-transparent geometric waveguide display, reliable structural performance; adjustable display, friendly to people wearing glasses, compatible with the functions of safety helmets and goggles; industrial scenes, waterproof IP66 + Ex explosion-proof + 2 meters drop; High-definition camera and voice interaction + external speakers.

2. AR smart glasses open a new chapter in public security

In the near future, the application of AR smart glasses will penetrate into all aspects of life and work, and the public security industry will certainly be no exception. With the continuous improvement of intelligent technologies such as AR and AI, AR security services like pre-warning of public security has become possible; post-event verification moves forward to pre-warning, effectively preventing the occurrence of various incidents; video intelligent analysis comprehensively improves the efficiency and quality of post-event processing. Public security has stepped into a new era of intelligence from the traditional model, the era of AR security.

With the continuous exploration and deepening of AR advanced technology in the security field, combined with the 5G environment, it provides increasingly real-time and efficient technical support for public security. The industry will greatly improve its efficiency, create more value in crime prevention, hidden danger prevention, and incident prevention, and ultimately promote the continued prosperity and development of the entire public security industry.