AR Solutions of Remote Assistance

AR Solutions of Remote Assistance

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Remote collaboration and interaction platform for AR business:

Self-developed audio and video remote real-time interactive platform with low bandwidth and low latency;

Real-time aggregation of multi-source massive heterogeneous data, intelligent data comparison, and search;

Video data structuring to create a knowledge map of industry and police affairs.

The remote assistance system platform of AR solution can realize remote dispatch command, personnel management, data statistics, multi-person collaboration through independent R&D wearable AR smart glasses and back-end systems. The Chinese AR glasses can be linked with remote command centers, drones, camera video clouds, and other functions.

Commanders can interact with any on-site personnel from the same perspective at any time through video, voice, text, and other methods. The platform as a remote ar assistance is mainly used in public security, security, and other industries like smart glasses industry with customized functions and good stability.