Company Introduction


Company Introduction

As an AR technology company, Goolton is a professional enterprise digital solution provider, to provide AR+AI+DT integrated solutions, based on software and hardware integrated AR glasses, optimizing the full link of business processes, and helping enterprises in the digital economy era to digital transformation.

Goolton has a full chain of product design, R&D, and delivery capabilities include array and holographic optical waveguide, optical module, AR glasses, and application software. The company’s core technologies include high-performance array and holographic optical waveguides, AR glasses-based AI recognition algorithm engine, fast 3D modeling, and digital twin technology. 


Goolton has four core R&D teams: optical module R&D team, intelligent hardware R&D team, AI algorithm R&D team, and software platform R&D team. It cooperates with well-known domestic and foreign university research offices and scientific research institutions to form the AR Application Technology Research Institute. The company has serviced many leading corporate customers in the aviation, government, security, logistics, and other industries, which have realized the timely interaction between people and people, people and things, and people and data, and improved the level of digital management and won the respect from customers.

Goolton as a professional AR glasses company, has more than 200 intellectual property patents, including 67 invention patents, 32 utility model patents, and 77 software copyrights.
Independent R&D of optics, with the most advanced high-precision nano-level holographic optical laboratory in China, which can provide customization of the entire system of arrays and holographic optical waveguides, AR hardware, and development kits.