Dreams Shine into Reality, AR is the Future!

Dreams Shine into Reality, AR is the Future!

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1. The popularity of “Metaverse” drives the innovation of AR glasses

If you choose the most popular term on the Internet in 2021, there is a high probability that “metaverse” will be selected. The term, coined by Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash, has become a buzzword among internet practitioners and investors this year.

Of course, in the eyes of a thousand entrepreneurs, there are probably a thousand “metaverses”. It is because the concept of “metaverses” is so general that it even gives people the impression that “everything is a metaverse”.

However, behind the popularity of the concept of “metaverse”, the core innovation of Internet products and technologies has been stagnant for many years. When smartphones have almost become part of the human body, the industry really needs to inject new blood of technological innovation. The emergence of the “metaverse” just caters to this need.

As an investor said: “The metaverse is the projection of people’s crazy imaginations in the real world. For example, humans can’t fly, but it may be realized in the metaverse.” And the products that are mapped to reality, VR and AR products Undoubtedly, it is the stepping stone to enter the door of the “metaverse”.

However, compared with the low threshold of VR technology, AR technology has a very high technical threshold, and it entered earlier at that time, which led to the market reaction of some well-known companies’ products after a few years of listing. It also makes AR products the patents of very few leading technology companies and professional consumers.

2. The launch of AR glasses products requires the right time, place and people

In fact, if VR glasses are still a blue ocean for startups, China AR glassess are not even qualified to enter the market for ordinary startups.

Taking the optical display system of AR glasses as an example, it involves precise optical components and micro-displays, taking into account the weight and full color in a thin and light form, which has deterred a large number of entrepreneurs.

If entrepreneurship is regarded as an adventure game, then AR is undoubtedly a high-threshold track that only a few elite players dare to challenge. Building a product like AR glasses is a difficult journey, and exploration in no-man’s-land is full of risks and uncertainties. But it may be these risks and uncertainties that make the journey better.

AR glasses may be a product that is the same as or even greater than smartphones in the future, and Gudong Technology Co. Ltd. which has worked hard in the Internet industry for many years and has rich experience has already become one of the leading AR glasses manufacturers.


To enter this track, the right place and the right person are indispensable. It is because of these that the AR glasses project has the feasibility of landing.

From the forecast of market research institutions, IDC predicts that in the five years from 2020 to 2024, the global virtual reality terminal shipment growth rate will reach 86%. Among them, the growth rate of AR will reach 188%, and the market size is expected to reach the level of 500 billion yuan in 2024.

In this sense, whoever seizes the opportunity at the application level like AR security services will seize the user population of the next generation Internet. It’s no wonder that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg pinned his “metaverse” ambitions on AR/VR technology, trying to allow people to connect, chat and live in a virtual world that bears the Facebook-branded logo.

There is no doubt about the arrival of the AR era. Goolton Technology Co., Ltd hopes to work with industry partners to accelerate its arrival. We hope that in three to five years, we will be able to provide global users with AR products beyond everyone’s imagination. The users of Goolton are omnipotent in the world where the real and the virtual are merged.