Goolton Smart Glasses Display Technology

Goolton Smart Glasses Display Technology

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Smart glasses display technology-AR:

AR glass is a comprehensive platform. The whole workflow includes four key technologies: target recognition, slam, graphics rendering and the optical display.

Details of smart glasses display technology:

Target recognition is the first step of AR glasses workflow, that is, we first select a target in the surrounding environment, and then anchor the target to superimpose virtual information. Thanks to the progress of deep learning technology, target recognition in security scene has been relatively mature.

The key of smart glasses display technology:

Rendering is a key step to generate 2D images from virtual information (generally 3D model) according to the set camera, light, material and other projections, so as to make AR fuse virtual and real and improve people’s visual experience. The optical display module is the most important part of AR wearables. In addition to ensuring visual experience, how to meet the requirement of the convenience of glasses which are worn all day has become a major technical challenge in AR near-eye display field. The new AR will be widely used in more fields, such as AR in logisticsAR security, etc.AR devices, like mobile phones, may also become an indispensable part of daily life.