The 2022 Innovators Annual Meeting (WIM2022) was recently held, on the theme of “Innovative Flow, Resilient Growth”. The conference, hosted by EO and jointly organized by Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center and Zhongguancun Exhibition and Service Industry Alliance, released a list of top innovative enterprises across 20+ fields including enterprise services, financial technology, and new energy vehicles.

Goolton Technology was chosen as one of the “2022 Top 20 Innovative Enterprises in China’s Industrial Metaverse”.

The concept of the metaverse has been gaining attention recently. The metaverse is seen as the next stage of the internet, with a focus on key digital technologies such as VR/AR/MR, AI, block chain, and 5G/6G. Its goal is to enhance reality with virtual reality. The Industrial Metaverse is a component of the metaverse, which aims to solve business pain points through digital transformation. AR technology is considered crucial to the industrial metaverse, as it can improve efficiency and reduce costs through the integration of virtual and real. The industrial metaverse is a highly competitive market with great potential for growth and development in the field of digitalization.

The value of Industrial Metaverse in industrial production is primarily divided into three areas:
  • Remote monitoring and inspection – utilizing multi-user online collaboration and industrial Internet access, the Metaverse can be used for remote monitoring, operation guidance, training, and education with compatibility on various devices and AR glasses.
  • Manufacturing process visualization – utilizing digital twin and cyber-physical system technology, the production line can be managed and supervised in real-time, with improved decision-making and iteration through scientific planning and optimization.
  • Equipment repair and maintenance – employees can complete tasks through VR and AR equipment, reducing training difficulty and operation errors, while repairs can be performed remotely or guided on-site, improving repair efficiency and reducing costs.

Goolton Technology has been focused on developing AR technology and has collaborated with scientific research institutes and provided services for various industries such as aviation, industry, and security. The company has been successful in landing several large projects with leading customers and has been recognized for its contribution to the digital transformation of enterprises.

The Chinese government issued an “Action Plan for the Integration and Development of Virtual Reality and Industry Applications” in November 2022, aimed at promoting virtual reality in various industries. The plan takes VR in industrial production as a priority and aims to improve quality, efficiency, and cost reduction. Goolton Technology plans to take advantage of this window period to invest in R&D, improve product functionality and customer satisfaction, support digital enterprise management, and contribute to the growth of the AR market and the development of the industry.

Goolton Technology plans to continue to invest in research and development, improve product practicality, and leverage the growing AR market to contribute to the development of the metaverse.