Goolton Technology Obtained Tens Of Millions Of Yuan Of Strategic Financing

Goolton Technology Obtained Tens Of Millions Of Yuan Of Strategic Financing

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Recently, domestic AI+AR field head company Goolton Technology announced that it won tens of millions of Yuan in strategic financing provided by Guangzhou City Investment Capital Capital and a number of institutions with the investment, in this era of epidemic and capital cold winter, against the trend, Goolton won the favour of institutions again.

East valley technology was founded in 2017, as “AR” can change the cognitive, AI fu industry-leading promoters, deep tillage AI + AR digital twin and interaction, to provide from the holographic optical waveguide array/design, optical module, wearable interaction to application software stack type all customized services, to create a new generation of intelligent information system, is widely used in industrial, security, power and other industries, help customers to obtain the best commercial value.

As a national high-tech enterprise, the founders and co-founders of Goolton Technology come from Digital China, Cisco, Sainty Optics and other enterprises, as well as well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Jiaotong University, etc. and bring a large number of technical, business and research talents with rich professional experience together. Having depth cooperation with East valley and Jinan university of science and technology, Beijing Jiaotong University and other research institutes, Goolton has absorbed professionals talented in the field of optics, hardware, artificial intelligence, and interaction design. Goolton has applied for most patents in the field of Array optical waveguide and Holographic optical waveguide, which is also the company that grows the fastest. And it obtained the intellectual property standards certificate and was selected as China Unicom 5G solution supplier and Guangdong 5G+ industrial Internet application demonstration.

AR returns: value emerges after the uproar

The US and China continue to lead the world in terms of investment volume in 2019 as large-scale infrastructures such as 5G, AI and the Internet of Things mature.PTC reported a 10-fold increase in AR sales in April from February, and Forrester reports that by 2025, 14 million U.S. workers are expected to regularly use smart glasses at work.

In 2020, the unexpected outbreak of the global epidemic will objectively bring AR technology to the public’s view again, and make more traditional enterprises realize that remote collaboration based on AR is both a need and a trend.

In the past two years, China’s AR track had a good development trend, especially since 5G has broken the pain point of the industry development, and a large amount of investment has spawned more AR application scenarios. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Cyberspace Administration of the CPC Central Committee have launched the action of “Enrich Intelligence with Numbers”, and the most effective “Enrich Intelligence with Numbers” tool is AR at present.

The practice has proved that the transformation to industrial connected according to its own technical capabilities, capital strength, and business strengths, not blindly on the automatic production line, no one chemical plant, the most urgent to consider, is the most important for the enterprise assets given by the “people”, to establish a more agile and efficient, reasonable and safe resources distribution ability, promote the person and person, man and machine, and the data to better joint fusion, and the current mature, feasible, and imaginary space of the ground project, it is driven by AI AR system.

Advanced optics and AI technology build core competitiveness

Cui Haitao, the founder of Goolton Technology, believes that the development of the company is due to the independent research and development of optical and core augmented reality algorithms. Based on the technological breakthrough and accumulation in the early stage, the company has formed a comprehensive coverage and rapid iterative development ability, so as to continuously prove its value to customers and promote the implementation of various applications.

Taking AR optical module light source as an example, most domestic waveguide displays use LCOS panels. The inherent disadvantage of LCOS leads to low contrast and clarity of the picture and high power consumption. As the most mature and advanced display panel technology at present, OLED has incomparable advantages, but brightness is always a pain point. Under the same conditions, the brightness can reach 5 times of peers in the industry, the light transmittance can reach 85%, the field of view Angle can reach 43°, the focus range of the lens increases by 1 time, and the Eye-Relief can reach more than 22mm.

Taking the AI algorithm as an example, the AI recognition algorithm engine based on AR glasses independently developed by Goolton Science and Technology introduces the attention mechanism to achieve target detection and recognition. Optimized for glasses perspective, light change, local shielding, industrial objects, etc., the millisecond level recognition improves the accuracy by 11.3%.

Deep ploughing To B industry, enabling digital transformation

In December 2019, Magic Leap announced to adjust the direction of its return to the enterprise service field. In the same period, IDC data shows that the spending of industries using augmented reality is overtaking that of the consumer sector starting in 2019. By 2023, industrial spending will outpace consumer spending by three to one.

The industrial application of AR in China is more urgent. Cui Haitao, the founder of Goolton Technology, believes that low labour productivity has long been a major disadvantage of China. In 2015, China’s unit labour output was less than one-fourteenth of that of the United States. China’s economic development has been relying on the rapid growth of capital and labour, but the rapid growth of productivity is very little. In particular, the “demographic dividend” is fading away beyond our expectations. Faced with the double dilemma of a decreasing working-age population and an increase in labour costs, the situation is becoming more and more severe. AR creates a new information presentation paradigm. People can process digital and physical information at the same time, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of information absorption, decision-making and execution, and improving human labour productivity in all aspects of design, production, sales and service. AR is the most effective enabling production tool.

As a landmark enterprise in this wave of the “AR industry”, Goolton Technology has successfully realized a large number of practical projects. To return to work enterprise AR + AI infrared temperature measurement project, a project for Bayer, the development of remote maintenance instruction, inspection for Zhejiang’s first development manufacturing project, Jingdong AR logistics development projects and so on, for enterprise customers to solve a lot of difficult problems in the practical work, realize the commercial value of AR + AI, also promoted the company successfully to enter the next phase of the commercial scale.

Combined with years of product industry experience, Goolton Technology, as a pioneer in ar glasses technology, has explored a set of its own AR large-scale landing program, which will lead the development model and product cognition of the whole industry. Confident in the development of the future, Mr Cui is sure that east valley technology will continuously deep AR + AI as the core technology of digital twin and interactive areas, deep cooperation with industry customers, applicability, practicability, good command in technology true kung fu, in the field of industry, transportation, logistics, security building a new generation of intelligent information system, comprehensive digitization, information visualization, man-machine integration, the assets of management wisdom.”