Goolton Technology Released OLED High-brightness AR Optical Module

Goolton Technology Released OLED High-brightness AR Optical Module

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Goolton Technology was established on August 30, 2017. Since its establishment four years ago, Goolton Technology has been the best practice promoter of “AR to transform cognition and AI to empower the industry”. It deeply focuses on the digital twin and digital interaction of “AI+AR”, builds a new generation of intelligent information systems, and helps customers achieve the best business value.

1. AR glasses product: array optical waveguide module M2031

Recently, Goolton Technology released the M2031 array optical waveguide module with an ultra-high light effect. Its field of view can reach 31°, and it adopts a high-brightness Micro-OLED microdisplay.

According to Cui Haitao, founder of Goolton Technology, the brightness in eyes of this module can reach 500nit. The module adopts special materials and technologies and adopts a special film system design and high light effect design of multi-folding optical path so as to reflect the advantages of Micro-OLED thoroughly. It has advantages of high brightness, high resolution, high contrast, high color saturation, fast response, low power consumption, etc.

In addition, compared with other types of AR glasses modules on the market, the M2031 optical module has a larger eye movement range, its exit pupil distance also reaches 25mm, and the module weight is less than 15g. Using the side projection method, it has low optical distortion, a light transmittance of over 80%, and a more compact design, which is suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

Goolton Technology, as a pioneer in the field of AR glasses technology, has always adhered to the independent research and development of optical core technology, innovative optical structure design, and the use of optical design software simulation to achieve theoretical results. The optical path is built in the optical laboratory, and a variety of instruments are used to test the waveguide chips. At the same time, it pays attention to the establishment of assembly production standards and product quality inspection standards to ensure the production cycle and quality of products and meet the various needs of customers.

Today, with the continuous development of AR glasses product technology, AR products have achieved fruitful results in the fields of traditional culture, education and games, and have also shown strong vitality in the fields of medical care, military and construction. We use AR display technology to display various auxiliary information to users and use this technical means to help companies better train workers, improve workers’ proficiency, improve production efficiency, and improve corporate benefits.

2. The display technology of AR glasses

Goolton Technology, having a core design team in optical design, a large number of independent intellectual property rights, and mature optical design and production experience, has accumulated a group of excellent optical design talents and has strong product research and development capabilities in the industry. It is always at the forefront of the AR design field, leading the trend of display technology for AR glasses products, and on the way to becoming one of the best AR glasses companies.

We believe that with the continuous innovation and development of Goolton Technology, it will bring more excellent products in the field of AR smart glasses display technology, meet the customized needs of scientific research institutions and enterprise users, and become the brightest star in the AR world!