Goolton Technology Takes the Lead in Realizing Industrial-grade Highly Customized Mass Production of Optical Waveguide Modules

Goolton Technology Takes the Lead in Realizing Industrial-grade Highly Customized Mass Production of Optical Waveguide Modules

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At present, the team of Goolton Technology has more than 100 people. The core members of the team are from well-known companies such as Digital China, Cisco, Sunny Optical, SMIC, etc. and 40% of them are doctors or experts in the field of technology. Dr. Deng, director of Goolton Research Institute, is an expert in deep learning, machine vision, and SLAM localization and navigation computing. Dr Li Yan, the head of optical research and development, has led the team to overcome a number of key technical problems in the development and mass production of optical waveguide modules and completed a number of independent innovative designs. Yong Haibo, the head of the optical laboratory, is an expert in optical materials, specializing in the research and development of holographic volume grating optical waveguides.

Goolton Technology cooperates closely with Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Jinan University and other research institutes in the field of optics, and has built the most advanced high-precision nano-scale holographic optics laboratory in the industry.

1. High-level R&D and service teams are praised by major customers

Compared with some entrepreneurial projects that came out of the laboratory, Goolton Technology has paid great attention to the implementation of product technology since its establishment. Founder Cui Haitao worked for Digital China early in his career and has been dealing with corporate clients. Under the leadership of Cui Haitao, the Goolton Technology team often stays in customer factories, repeatedly asking and listening to customer needs, starting from the actual needs of front-line workers, and implementing advanced technologies to improve user productivity. For example, the time of daily maintenance of aircraft has been reduced from 42 minutes to around 10 minutes. Goolton Technology has not only withstood the test of customers but also invited them to participate in the design of the overall solution for the digital transformation of enterprises.

When the epidemic developed rapidly last year, it was a big test for any company, and handheld devices could not meet the needs of large-flow temperature measurements. Relying on the excellent technical ability of different types of AR glasses with the integrated thermal imaging sensor, which is used in the industrial product inspection field, Goolton Technology has developed the non-contact temperature measurement glasses in less than a month, which solved various problems such as non-disturbance in the field, instant and secondary temperature measurement, and mobile inspection.

Goolton Technology has been continuously recognized by major customers. In its customer list, there are many government agencies such as China Customs, large state-owned enterprises such as Sinopec and China Southern Power Grid, and top 500 foreign companies such as Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

2. Goolton take the lead in realizing large-scale and highly customized mass production, aiming at Apple’s next AR industry chain layout

Goolton Technology has cooperated with a number of domestic and foreign optical giants and signed strategic agreements. First of all, it polishes the processing technology with higher precision, and secondly, it improves the production capacity level and aligns with the highest quality control standards in the industry.

Cui Haitao said that different industrial scenarios usually have strict requirements for the setting of various optical parameters. Although some general-purpose competing products have good technology, they are difficult to adapt to different scenarios. They should also have the research and development of core technologies an accurate grasp of customer needs and a stable mass production capacity. On the whole, Goolton Technology has a strong comprehensive competitive advantage in high-customized mass production.

At present, Goolton Technology is one of Sony’s most valued customers in China. They are very optimistic about the development layout of Goolton Technology in the optical field. According to foreign media reports, it is no surprise that Sony will become a supplier of OLED displays for Apple’s AR eyeglasses in the future.

In the field of VR/AR hardware, the trends of global technology giants are the weather vane for the entire industry and investors, and among them, Apple is the core focus. Many professionals in the industry said that although AR forms are different now, just like the first generation of smartphones more than ten years ago, Apple is likely to define the form of AR eyeglasses in the future.

At the just past WWDC 2021 conference, Apple released a series of AR software and updates of the development platform, paving the way for the launch of AR hardware through the ecological layout. Apple CEO Tim Cook says AR is the “next big thing.” Prominent tech blogger Robert Scober tweeted that he learned that Apple’s VR headset will debut at WWDC 2022.

Facing the market prospect of this industry’s re-emergence, Cui Haitao described the future layout of Goolton Technology in this way, “the optical technology is all micro-nano processing, and its barriers are very high. Our team will continue to expand the recruitment of professionals in this field and create core technical barriers. We are also putting products on domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, and will continuously understand the feedback from global users during the sales process. In the future, if needed, we will be able to connect with Apple’s supply chain. We provide high-quality technology, and they provide first-class production capacity.”