Goolton Technology Uses Industrial AR to Solve Maintenance Problems of BAYER’s Equipment

Goolton Technology Uses Industrial AR to Solve Maintenance Problems of BAYER’s Equipment

Table of Contents

1. Combination of AR eyeglasses and BAYER

As a benchmark enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry, the world-renowned BAYER has been in China for 27 years. As a multinational company, BAYER has core competencies in the fields of healthcare and agriculture. The company is committed to benefiting mankind through products and services that help people overcome major challenges posed by a growing and aging global population. At the same time, the Group also enhances profitability and creates value through technological innovation and business growth.

With the continuous development of multinational business, the industry of all BAYER processes has always faced a big problem: how to quickly troubleshoot equipment. A machine that cannot operate due to a malfunction will cause great losses. And restarting the production line will take a lot of time and materials.

However, senior experts are often not on the front line, and they cannot solve all problems, and can only wait for experts from the headquarters to guide them. Especially after the epidemic, it has become impossible to send people to China to do various nucleic acid nuclear tests and observation when entering overseas.

2. The AR glasses can solve the maintenance problems

Now BAYER and Goolton Technology are working together to solve the problem of equipment maintenance with wearable AR glasses. Experts from the German headquarters can provide guidance and support to the front engineers from a first perspective and in the first time through remote interaction without being present, which greatly improves the maintenance efficiency and greatly reduces the MTTR (Mean Time to Reboot).

In BAYER’s view, more efficient production can make products better. Goolton Technology’s smart glasses display technology have become the information companions of front-line engineers, and manufacturers no longer have to worry about equipment failures. Because all senior experts can provide remote support anytime, anywhere, whether in Germany, the United States or Brazil, Indonesia.