Goolton, Together with Megvii, Accelerates Smart Policing!

Goolton, Together with Megvii, Accelerates Smart Policing!

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Recently, Goolton Technology and Megvii Technology signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop and promote the wearable police equipment system in the security industry.

As one of the few AR glasses companies in the world with a self-developed deep learning framework, Megvii has advanced deep neural networks that can be deployed on cloud, mobile and edge computing platforms, and has won 28 world championships in the world’s top AI competitions. Through years of precipitation and accumulation, many algorithms such as face recognition, license plate recognition, pedestrian attribute and action recognition, and 3D positioning have reached the top level in the industry.

Goolton insists on independent research and development of optics, its many innovative technologies have reached the international leading level, and the number of patent AR glasses applications is far ahead in the industry. It has the most advanced high-precision nano-scale holographic optical laboratory in China, and it is the only company that has the research and development capabilities of the full spectrum of array optical waveguide and holographic optical waveguide technology at the same time, and the only company that can provide in-depth customization of the entire system of optics, hardware, machine design and development kits.

AR+AI, the two leading enterprises will meet each other to accelerate the implementation of smart policing and open up infinite imagination.

1. The first perspective call of AR glasses: full-dimensional stereo monitoring

Drones hover at high altitudes, ground police officers wear enhanced reality glasses for mobile inspections, and fixed cameras are deployed at various commanding heights and in public and hidden locations at key points of traffic to form stereoscopic views of different heights and angles. Through Goolton AR and Megvii AI, they can flexibly schedule and share with each other, so that every police officer can get the required field of vision at any time, so that all monitoring equipment can be used by people, and the blind spot of monitoring can be completely eliminated.

2. The first collaboration of AR glasses: global integrated operations

In the face of various accident sites, mass events, natural disasters and other emergencies, the rear command organs can only communicate with the scene through portable cameras and walkie-talkies. The communication efficiency is low, and the situation is often not fully grasped. Through Goolton AR and Megvii AI, the command center and front-line police officers fully interact and collaborate in three dimensions. Each AR glasses is an integrated information center, and the headquarters can be opened anytime, anywhere, and every police officer can grasp the neighbors, goals, tasks and the overall situation through ar security systems ltd, and truly realize the overall game of chess.

3. AR glasses have humanized AI, which makes identification, authentication and law enforcement more harmonious

Various types of fixed cameras that are widely deployed at present mainly rely on manpower to check and monitor, which consumes a lot of police force and makes things lag significantly in time. Goolton AR glasses integrate Megvii’s advanced AI recognition technology to identify and authenticate faces, license plates, images, etc., and AI will prompt at any time to prevent missed and false inspections caused by human reasons.

Police officers free their hands to facilitate various further screening and identification operations, flexibly ask questions and communicate. They can also use AR glasses and the command center to access data and interactive verification in real-time audio and video, making law enforcement more harmonious and humane.