Goolton Works with Customers to Create a “Win-Win” Strategy for Digital Transformation

Goolton Works with Customers to Create a “Win-Win” Strategy for Digital Transformation

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With the deepening of cooperation with customers, Goolton Technology is not only limited to the development of AR glasses, the head-mounted display equipment, but will integrate AI+AR technology services into the overall digital transformation of enterprises.

1. AR glasses for the digital transformation

In the past, aircraft maintenance for airlines had to go through multiple complex procedures. After Goolton AR glasses technology helped airlines create a back-end intelligent aircraft maintenance system, now based on technical means such as electronic sign-off, machine vision, AI supervision, etc., workers can directly confirm the completion in the AR glasses equipment after completing maintenance and cleaning, and the 42-minute process has been shortened to 10 minutes, which greatly improves the traditional work efficiency and accumulates valuable data resources for airlines.

“When you have a very deep understanding of the needs of customers and achieve specific results, you will in turn inspire customers a lot. Customers are not only people from the technical department who often come to communicate with us, but sometimes senior leaders will also consult us about opinions on certain issues.” Cui Haitao said with emotion.

Since Goolton Technology is deeply involved in the digital transformation of enterprises, it has become a peer partner in the digital transformation journey of many customers. “We jointly conducted a group discussion on the latest technology, process, and management methods of the industry’s digitalization, and then proposed a set of digital solutions to try in customer scenarios to continuously reduce costs and increase efficiency. Both parties have benefited a lot.”

The development direction of Goolton Technology is highly unified with the direction emphasized by the state in the “14th Five-Year Plan” of “accelerating the construction of a digital economy, a digital society, and a digital government, and driving the transformation of production methods, lifestyles and governance methods as a whole through digital transformation”. They are very good at sitting down with customers to discuss their needs, and can think from the customer’s point of view, think about how to use electronic and intelligent means to help customers reduce their burdens, and finally come up with an “overall solution and implementation plan” for customers’ digital transformation. Under this framework, we then consider how to design highly customized Chinese smart glasses, SaaS systems, and digital twin simulation systems.

2. Platformization of AR glasses service demand

When corporate customers have common needs, Goolton Technology will further consider platformizing the needs and expand the scale of serving customers. At present, they have established four platform systems including remote video collaboration, digital twins, intelligent warehousing, and face recognition. In addition, for industrial enterprises, seven modules from operation and maintenance to fault prediction can be selected for various industrial applications. In the field of security, products such as target recognition, behavior recognition, gesture recognition, and abnormal mental recognition that can be combined with the advantages of types of AR glasses have been launched.

Cui Haitao has been in business for more than ten years. In his words, one of the secrets of successfully serving B-end customers is to be a customer’s “overall decoration” service provider. It is just like “giving customers the key and they directly move in the house” in the field of overall home improvement. On the contrary, if you only do part of it, you will spend a lot of time dealing problems with customers, and the profit will not be too high. Moreover, when you provide customers with “overall decoration” services, follow-up customers can only look for you to maintain, and you will naturally have customer stickiness and renewal, and customers will feel more peace of mind.

Goolton Technology and B-end customers are already on the road of “win-win” cooperation. When the digital transformation solutions they cooperate with are continuously implemented, and industry standards are gradually established, more industry customers and even the whole industry can use them. Just imagine that 20,000 to 300,000 workers in a large oil company, tens of thousands of maintenance personnel in an airline, and millions or tens of millions of professional practitioners in security, transportation, medical and other industries may wear AR glasses in the future to do their daily work, so this market may worth tens of billions or hundreds of billions.