How AR Works in Automotive Industry?

How AR Works in Automotive Industry?

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Application of AR in automotive industry:

The application of AR in automotive industry has gradually diversified. In addition to a series of applications such as AR auto show application, AR auto viewing, AR auto brochure and so on, there are new AR auto manuals, AR remote assistance, AR maintenance and so on.

The advantages of AR in automotive industry

AR technology can restore the real effect of the vehicle to the greatest extent for users in the real scene, support 720 degree display of body appearance and interior, vehicle road simulation, vehicle parameter information display and other functions. It presents the vehicle three-dimensional on the mobile phone screen. AR automotive viewing breaks the tradition of picture browsing of car purchase and selection, realizes 720 degree seamless three-dimensional real car purchase browsing and real experience of vehicle performance, and perfectly meets users’ needs of car viewing and purchase with high-tech means.

The role of AR in automotive industry:

The application threshold of AR in automotive field is relatively low, which can be applied to the market more quickly. The picture guidance given by AR glasses can help workers see the next work steps, see the information of equipment or articles in front of them, and see the work action route. In this way, workers can carry out standardized operation. It not only avoids mistakes, but also improves efficiency, and shortens the training cycle of workers. If there are technical problems, through AR glasses, workers can connect with automobile experts remotely, and experts can observe the situation from the workers’ first perspective, and then understand the problems and guide workers to deal with them. Problems can be dealt with immediately without experts on the spot. It saves time and cost, allowing experts to deal with more problems in unit time. So, work efficiency can be greatly improved.