Recently, C2000S was introduced with the Yuanli Symbiosis theme. It is a new generation of 5G explosion-proof monocular array waveguide integrated AR glasses with an industrial focus. This device uses domestic 5G processors and a self-created Webb OS system and is outfitted with industry-leading optical waveguide technology. It has achieved significant advancements in display technology, tracking effectiveness, interactive experience, and security defense aspects. Goolton Technology independently designed and produced the C2000S, including the optical module, full glasses, system platform, and AI algorithm. These AR glasses are of an industrial standard. It is specifically designed for industry, assisting businesses in lowering expenses and increasing efficiency.

Features of C2000S AR Glasses

  1. Original, self-developed “strong light visible” optical waveguide technology Design


Vision occlusion during industrial processes might put front-line personnel at risk for injury. The C2000-S AR optical module, based on arrayed optical waveguide technology, has made significant strides in light transmittance and optical usage rate.    The overall light transmittance may be as high as 81.5%, which is nearly visible to the human eye and can provide the highest level of operating safety. The AR screen frequently experiences interference from transmitted light and strong reflected light when used outside in bright lighting. An independent anti-interference design is used to efficiently prevent the incursion of light from all angles and guarantee that the screen information is clearly seen in order to provide a clear display.

Additionally, there are significant difficulties in collecting data due to light intensity and shooting distance. Work efficiency will be immediately impacted by issues like inadequate pixels, blurry pictures, shaky photos, and improper focus. The 48 million zoom camera module used by the C2000-S resolves the issue of gathering data from far and nearer scenes. Its anti-shake of EIS+OIS resolves the issue of imaging quality and shaking dizziness and the setting of a laser positioning anchor point is more conducive to accurate data collection of targets to ensure the validity of the data. In addition, the C2000-S is also outfitted with night lighting accessories to meet the needs of all-weather operations.

  1. Highly effective 5G core coupled with commercial-grade supercomputing power

Due to the industrial digital revolution, the application of 5G+ is becoming closer and closer, and the interaction between one equipment component and another is getting closer and closer to the formerly relatively autonomous state. For industrial computing power and performance needs, the C2000S features a built-in 5G chip solution, making a mobile high-speed connection to cloud computing and IoT data a typical configuration for industrial growth. To guarantee the reliability of the connection and the low latency of data transfer in industrial application situations, C2000S has introduced upgraded WIFI 6,

Bluetooth 5.2, and full-channel link capabilities.

  1. High-precision monitoring and incredibly fast and smooth interaction

Based on Android native, the Webb OS operating system used by the C2000S is highly tailored and created for AR glasses in order to function at its peak on the head-mounted wearable device. The C2000S can simultaneously perform tasks that are far beyond those of similar products, such as face recognition, behavior detection, target tracking, voice recognition, gesture recognition, text recognition, defect recognition, infrared recognition, temperature measurement, automatic instrument reading, industrial vision measurement, and others, kudos to Goolton’s self-developed AI algorithm platform and industry big data. The VSLAM system from Goolton also uses a device-cloud combination architecture to provide features including visual relocation, multi-sensor fusion, plane signs, and 3D object recognition.


The VSLAM, in combination with the device and cloud, delivers real-time high-precision positioning with a reaction time of ms, positioning accuracy of centimeters, and an angle error of fewer than 2 degrees.

  1. Incredibly strong safety measures and no fear of environmental challenges

It has been shown that high-noise situations can have ambient noise levels of 70 to 100 dB, which raises the bar for voice interaction and recognition. A multi-mic noise reduction technique was chosen by C2000S, which passed several program tests and achieved a noise reduction of more than 95db, guaranteeing a high-precision identification rate and call effect.

The C2000S has an IP66 waterproof and dustproof design, advanced Micro OLED display technology, battery low-temperature protection technology, and has achieved 1.6 M’s effective drop protection to ensure the product’s durability in high temperature, extreme cold, rain, dust, and other harsh environments on the work site. We decided to go with strong safety assurances for operational scenarios that might present safety risks, such as those involving flammable gas, and we attained safe explosion-proof safety certification last year.

  1. AR promotes industrial optimization


In our preliminary study, we discovered that assuring quality and safety is the key draw for many businesses when it comes to inspection, operation, and maintenance, particularly in the aviation, energy, and electric power industries. Implementing standardized work is the main goal. We have created standardized processes for businesses using AR+AI. The procedure is monitored, the processes are condensed, AI can detect issues, and mistakes and omissions are reminded. The smooth integration of the workflow is made possible by the link with the customer’s ERP system.


Deeply cultivate five major scenarios

The latest generation of AR glasses, the C2000S all-in-one device, which is created specifically with industrial uses in consideration. It is utilized in five scenarios, including remote direction, remote verification, industrial training, and digital twins, revolutionizing how the manufacturing business has traditionally operated. it helps  Establish a “smart industry” system, build a “smart factory,” and facilitate the spread of the industry 4.0 era to all spheres of life.