Metaverse? or Parallel Digital Space?

Metaverse? or Parallel Digital Space?

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When it comes to the Metaverse, you may have heard some news in recent years: ByteDance acquired Pico for 9 billion; TeamViewer acquired Ubimax for 1 billion; Facebook acquired Oculus VR with a high profile; Apple acquired FlyBy Media, etc.

In April 2021, a total of 25 financing mergers and acquisitions occurred in the global VR/AR industry, and the financing and mergers and acquisitions amounted to 8.449 billion yuan.

In recent years, with the development and progress of XR technology, the acceptance of virtual reality technology has become higher and higher. Since Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014, major capitals have focused on the hardware development and software production industries. From panoramic video production, virtual reality game design, research and development of spherical cameras, wearable interactive product design, etc.

People often talk about “what is the application prospect of AR augmented reality?” Therefore, for enterprises and capital, it is sometimes at a loss. While there are many AR companies offering a range of products, services, and other things, there are basically five basic types of companies.

1. AR development platform SDK 

AR platform companies provide developers with a basic development platform, and some companies set up business departments to provide customer value-added services or sell their own products.

2. AR product company

AR product development and sales of the company’s AR products, directly facing C-end consumers. By increasing the stickiness between users and devices, we constantly develop new modules as the foundation of business logic.

3. Self-service AR tools and universal AR browsers

This part of the company mainly does some short-term experience projects. Provide operation manuals and related operation platforms, and use AR intelligent hardware as a tool to achieve extremely fast experience.

4. Customized AR application development

These companies work directly with brand marketers and agencies to build custom augmented reality solutions for large-scale events. Combined with personalized services, customize brand AR applications.

5. AR solutions for specific verticals

The newly emerging category of AR companies is especially those professional service companies that provide AR solutions, specializing in certain professional fields, such as petroleum and petrochemical, electric power, security, aviation, fire protection, and other industrial scenarios.

Gudong Technology is an industry solution service provider based on AR augmented reality technology. It is committed to opening the door to the parallel digital world with a new augmented reality presentation technology and changing people’s cognition and behavior. Focus on cutting-edge optical technology research, superimpose the application practice of smart platform combining AR + AI + digital twin, and become an AR software and hardware integrated solution service provider with core competitiveness through continuous iterative updates.

At present, our company has made achievements in petroleum, aviation, electric power, security, fire protection and other scenarios.