Metaverse: The Next Generation Internet!

Metaverse: The Next Generation Internet!

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The topic of the metaverse is very hot recently. Everyone is talking about the metaverse, but what exactly is the metaverse? There seems to be no one definition that everyone agrees on.

There are various sayings. Some people say that there is an element in the metaverse. If there is one less element, it cannot be considered a metaverse. Some people say that the CEO of Apple said that what they do is AR, not a metaverse. So AR can’t be considered a metaverse, it must be VR.

There are various opinions. Therefore, what is the Metaverse? Goolton Technology Co., Ltd will tell you!

1. The Metaverse is the entire Internet on VR/AR glasses

There is a slightly different point of view on this issue, that the metaverse is the entire internet on VR/AR eyeglasses. AR/VR glasses are the next-generation mobile computing platform that will soon be popularized, and the Metaverse is the presentation of the Internet industry on this new platform.

From this perspective, the scope of the metaverse is very broad, it includes social networking, e-commerce, education, games, and even payments. The various applications of the Internet that we are familiar with today will have their own presentation on the Metaverse.

Looking back at history, we can more easily see the impact of the migration of computing platforms on Internet applications. In the 1990s, the PC was the absolute mainstream computing platform, and then the rise of the mobile phone gradually replaced the PC. And many of us today believe that VR/AR glasses will be the next computing platform.

With the migration of computing platforms, the application of the Internet also iterates. Take social and e-commerce that we are most familiar with as an example. On PC, we have QQ and MSN for social networking, and on mobile phones, they all become WeChat. E-commerce has also undergone very significant changes. For example, in the era of mobile phones, new species of e-commerce have emerged. That is local life.

Local life is because mobile phones can provide users with accurate positioning, so local life applications can recommend high-quality services within three kilometers to users, which cannot be achieved in the PC era. So local life is a new user experience created based on the new features of the new platform.

2. The “era” of VR/AR glasses

In the VR/AR era, it is very likely that each of us will have a virtual avatar. Through the virtual avatar, we can communicate face-to-face in the virtual world. Under such a setting, it is very likely that social networking, e-commerce, and many applications will be changes happened.

To understand the impact of VR/AR glasses on Internet applications, we need to analyze the technical nature of VR/AR eyeglasses. We think this new platform, its technical essence is new display and new interaction.

In the past, whether on a PC or a mobile phone, our display interface was two-dimensional, and no matter what application it was, it was based on one window, so Microsoft’s operating system was called windows. We are all windows, and user interaction is mouse clicks and drags in this window.

But when it comes to VR/AR glasses, the interface of display and interaction is three-dimensional, and we will be immersed in a virtual information world. Maybe we will have a virtual person to communicate with us face-to-face, and then there will be a virtual person beside us. The shelves are filled with a wide variety of products. And then a little further behind us, there might be a playground where we could go and play. And in three-dimensional space, we can interact with the application through body movements, through language, through gestures, through eyesight.

Under this setting, the interface for display and interaction is three-dimensional. Display and interaction are the bottom layers of any application. When such a major change occurs in display and interaction, the upper-layer application must undergo a huge revolution.

So based on these analyses, Goolton Technology Co., Ltd believes that the Metaverse is the gray rhino of our era, and the migration of this computing platform will lead to huge changes in the layout of the entire Internet industry. From hardware to operating system to software, all industry patterns will change. Similar to the revolution from PC to mobile phone, such a great change will happen again. New giants will rise, and some sluggish giants will inevitably fall.