Oil Integrated Management System Combined with AR Smart Glasses

Oil Integrated Management System Combined with AR Smart Glasses

Table of Contents

1. Application of AR smart glasses technology in the petroleum industry

The petroleum industry is an important pillar and foundation of economic development, as well as a driving force for the development of the national economy. The production and construction of petrochemical enterprises have the characteristics of toxic media, high temperature, high pressure, and high risk; the construction and production of petrochemical enterprises have long faced many problems: focusing on benefits and neglecting safety, lack of professional personnel, single form of safety knowledge training, and low equipment and technology levels.  The safety, science and timeliness of production and construction management of petroleum enterprises are the necessary prerequisites for their healthy and sustainable development.

In order to eliminate problems in the operation of the oil depot in time and ensure the safe and orderly progress of production management, the petroleum industry adopts AR smart glasses technology to cope with the actual problems and challenges faced in the production and construction of the oil depot.

2. Advantages of integrated management of AR smart glasses oil depot

1. The visual management of AR smart glasses is equipped with safe and advanced wearable data and video interactive equipment on site, making full use of the active flexibility of on-site staff to realize visual management without blind spots on site.

2. With timely two-way information transmission, the integrated management builds an intelligent interactive technology platform for AR smart glasses information and realizes two-way real-time transmission of video and data, enhancing the communication and data transmission capabilities of on-site employees and superior management.

3. The remote management and control of AR smart glasses, through the development of corresponding APP and software, realize timely information sharing and communication, so that relevant management personnel and experts have the corresponding remote control and command capabilities.