C100S AR Glasses

C100S AR smart glasses, back-wearing design, perfect use of ergonomics, comfortable and stable, relieve the pressure on the bridge of the nose and realize no sense of wearing.

The host screen adopts an adjustable AR glasses design, which is suitable for special workgroups such as myopia, wearing helmets, etc., to ensure that the field of view is not blocked, and at the same time eliminate the hidden dangers of eye safety. In addition, the latest types of AR glasses with good AR glasses designs integrate multiple interactions of sound, video, vibration, and light.

All-in-one, to achieve a variety of interactive requirements; Goolton using freeform display technology, resolution can reach 1920*1080, 26°FOV, 3 meters distance 54 inches display, suitable for various indoor and outdoor complexities.



Technical Specifications Of C100S AR Glasses

C100S AR Glasses



Android 6.0 and above

Product Type

Split, the data line is connected to the phone or processor


split type;<80g

Module display technology

monocular prism

Module weight


Eye box


Micro display specifications

0.39 Micro Oled, Mipi, 1920*1080

Field of view and exit pupil distance

26°  23mm

Eye movement range

54″ 3m

Screen brightness adjustable

200nit, 500nit 800nit

Features Of C100S AR Glasses


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