Ruggedized smart AR helmet, Dual eyes Optical waveguide
monocular display, with long eye relief design.

With camera, microphone, 9 axle IMU, Light and other
sensor, can Interative data by touch pad and voice control.

One-piece headband structure, comfortable to wear.

Can be ffipped up and adaptively adjusted.



Goolton has more than 200 intellectual property patents, including 67 inventionpatents, 32 utility model patents, and 77 software copyrights.

Independent R&D of optics, with the most advanced high-precision nano-leveholographic optical laboratory in China, which can provide customization of theentire system of arrays and holographic optical waveguides, AR hardware, anddevelopment kits.

Goolotn has four core R&D teams: optical module R&D team, intelligent hardwareR&D team, Al algorithm R&D team, and software platform R&D team.

C3000D AR GlassesDescription
 Wearing  Head-mounted
Operating system Android 9.0 and above
Display technologyDual display
Diagonal FOV40°
StorageDDR 4G/FLASH 64G
 Camera13M HD camera
Sensor9 axis,light sense,distance sense 
PositionGPS/Beidou satellite
SoundBluetooth headphone

Application Scenarios Of H1000DAR Glasses
The AR intelligent terminal is based on light waveguide enhanced display tech-nology and relies on 5G transmission to achieve real-time interaction betweenbig data and realistic scenes lt includes: optical waveguide display, camera andsensor, data processing module, transmission module. With audio and videcbi-directional transmission, environment perception, finger warfare interaction,intelligent identification and other functions, it enables the wearer to obtairgreat data support in real time in the application and establish a visual and audi-tory three-dimensional digital environment. It can be applied to industry, education, security and other fields Industrialapplications.
AR+ Industrial Solution adopts the frontier technologies of Augmented Reality(AR), Big Data and Intelligent Perception and nteraction to provide real-time oper.ational guidance for on-site operators, automatically collect, record and transmitdata to the”Big Data Centrefor analysis and processing, and assist in solvingoperational problems on site through remote guidance functions, realising intelli-gent industrial operation and maintenance operations and management.

Create a vocational education practical training expert guidance system basedon 5G environment and AR display technology.

Security applications
The AR+ security application integrates augmented reality technology, cloudcomputing and big data into one, including: light waveguide display, high-defini.tion camera, data processing module and transmission module. It is equippedwith functions such as personnel identification, vehicle identification, dutyrecord, positioning and navigation, interactive fingertip combat, voice recognition, etc. to further liberate the hands of the police and realise intelligent, integrated and humanised police terminals.

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming a central component in new digital equipment: using augmented reality AR technology, through various sensing devicessoldiers wearing AR devices can obtain a three-dimensional environment ofsight, sound, force touch and motion sensations in real time, and receive greattactical data support on the battlefield.


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