*Safety first, comfortable to wear;

*6-dimensional adjustment, no blocking of vision

*Super anti shake camera

*Mike industrial noise reduction

*Ultra light weight, helmet/headband

*Intrinsic safety/coal safety explosion-proof, 2 m falling

*OLED array, optical waveguide display

*Double wheat industrial noise reduction algorithm

*Intrinsic safety/coal safety explosion-proof



Instruction Manual

Industrial anti shake, laser positioning, 48 million high-definition camera

Simple keys and convenient operation

Double MIC noise reduction, speech recognition accuracy of 90DB in industrial conditions is 96%

Optical waveguide display stepless adjustment

Support: combination, helmet use

Support right and left eye wear

Battery detachable: 7 * 24h long endurance all-in-one machine

Dustproof and waterproof (IP66)

Explosion proof (EX T4 explosion-proof)

Anti drop (1.6M drop)

-30 ℃ – 60 ℃ working temperature

Adapt to extremely cold and hot environment

Independent innovation and research, from MICRO-OLED display chip

Low power consumption 400 MW

Eye brightness can reach 400NIT

Visible in strong outdoor light: 100000:1 contrast, fine and comfortable image quality

Ensure high image reduction: 1% ultra-low distortion

Suitable for wearing eyes: 27MM out pupil distance; 13MM * 10MM eye box size

82% transmissivity, wide field of vision without obstruction

Built in GOOLTON new “WEBB OS” 3DOF smooth interaction, fast and accurate operation


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