M100S AR Glasses

The M100-S fire transmission system can be adapted to various fire protection masks, which integrates video information collection, display, and transmission. In the fire rescue, the conventional images and thermal images of the scene are collected from the firefighter’s first perspective and transmitted to the firefighters and rear commanders in real-time. Based on the scene information, the industrial AR goggles assist the scene fire rescue and provides a basis for the rear fire 5g smart glasses command.



Technical Specifications Of M100S AR Glasses

M100S AR Glasses


Thermal imaging camera

256×192 resolution


Optical waveguide display lens

Command platform

Android APP.+Win10+cloud

Connection terminal

PC, Android phone, Android tablet, 4G SIM

Thermal imaging camera parameters

Wavelength range: 8~14um

Thermal sensitivity (NETD)


Non-uniform correction

Automatic shutter correction

Focusing method

Non-thermal fixed focus lens

Field of view

52×46 degrees

Virtual imaging

55”3 meters



Micro display size

OLED, 0.23″



Light transmittance


Main chip

HiSilicon 3520D

Charging voltage


Charging port

Micro USB

Battery capacity


Maximum continuous working time

1.5 hours

Internal storage


Waterproof rating


System weight

250 grams


Explosion-proof certification (Ex ic IIB T4 Gc)

Features Of M100S AR Glasses

  • As one of AR glasses manufacturers, we provide the mask-type ar glasses with  multi-function such as small size, lightweight, convenient operation, comfortable wearing, and do not affect firefighters’ normal fire fighting operations.

  • As AR glasses for sale, M100-S integrates a thermal imaging camera, optical waveguide display lens, image processing chip, wireless transmission chip, and antenna, etc.

  • Firefighters can penetrate the smoke to find the trapped people and the inside of the fire scene, and at the same time, the firefighters can put out the fire and rescue the injured in time in the smoke.

  • The video images of video smart glasses inside and outside the fire scene are transmitted to the rescue command system in real-time for decision-making.


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