The Concept of Metaverse Has Made AR Technology the Mainstream of Technology Again

The Concept of Metaverse Has Made AR Technology the Mainstream of Technology Again

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2021 is the year of the rise of AR augmented reality technology. The elements of augmented reality reappear in people’s field of vision and gradually spread in people’s life circles.

For example: Lynx used AR technology to perform an AR Angel show at London’s Victoria Station; Metaio’s AR browser Junaio (Magic Eye) provided people with a convenient way to travel; IKEA integrated AR augmented reality programs into sales, etc. Make the business world present an AR technology wind.

The strong return of AR augmented reality has made China focus again on the research and development of augmented reality AR technology and smart wearable device based on AR technology.

Goolton Technology is a leading company in China’s augmented reality display technology and digital twin business, and it is also the company with the largest number of optical-related patents in the industry. The total number of patent applications exceeds 250. It has established in-depth technical cooperation with Beijing Jiaotong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinan University, and affiliated research institutes of Tsinghua University, and has built its own holographic nano-optics laboratory. An optical R&D team composed of doctors from well-known universities.

At present, many large enterprises have begun to acquire AR companies, or invest huge funds in the research of AR technology.

The advantages of Goolton Technology’s AR eyeglasses software and hardware integrated solutions in industry applications:

1. The application of AR eyeglasses in industrial scenarios can free the operator’s hands, realize real-time online guidance of remote audio and video, and fully guarantee the efficient operation of multiple business scenarios such as management, production, maintenance, and inspection. Moreover, it can also help companies reduce operational risks, save manpower, material resources and other aspects of investment. In addition, during the maintenance process, staff wearing AR eyeglasses can quickly find solutions and quickly locate problems, so that ordinary workers can also complete extremely difficult tasks.

2. Goolton Technology enables maintenance operators to wear AR 5g smart glasses and free their hands through remote guidance and AR work orders. Backstage experts can also remotely view the scene more clearly and accurately through the first point of view. Experts can do synchronous perspective for guidance, annotation, instructions, and presentation methods can be pictures, text, documents, etc. In addition, video storage, information storage, presentation data platform, so that information can be traced, online and offline simultaneous management.

3. At present, many ports have a low degree of informatization and rely on manual operations, resulting in poor connection between business and customs supervision and low work efficiency. It cannot be integrated and unified with customs supervision, and there is a lack of coordinated development. Goolton Technology Smart Customs uses AR smart glasses, intelligent management background and digital technology to efficiently check the goods entering and leaving the customs, and can also transmit relevant electronic instructions of the customs to the operators and check personnel of the supervision place in real time, so as to realize the realization of customs. Strict supervision of import and export goods in the supervision area and smooth flow of inbound and outbound logistics

4. Goolton Technology’s AR eyeglasses have a wide range of applications. Eight fields such as military, sales, entertainment, education, technology, media, tourism, and emergency response management are all the development directions of AR augmented reality in Goolton.

Goolton Technology is committed to improving user experience and user practicability by continuously improving augmented reality technology and breaking through technical barriers in the industry, thereby guiding industry changes and contributing to the development of the digital economy. It uses digital twin technology to recreate a real world in the virtual space, and realizes the virtualized operation feedback of the real world by combining various big data applications. In this way, it can help various professional fields to effectively coordinate, accurately analyze, and real-time early warning, and help enterprises to digitally manage the AR supply and demand market in the trillions of dollars.

So far, AR technology has been around for more than 70 years. With the outstanding development of AR technology in various industries, giants such as Apple and Google seem to see unprecedented business opportunities in AR glasses technology, prompting them to inject huge funds in this field. There is no doubt that AR technology will be one of the hottest investment technology projects in 2021.