The Era of Smart Tourism Led by the Digitization of “Smart” Glasses: the Experience of Tourists is Greatly Improved

The Era of Smart Tourism Led by the Digitization of “Smart” Glasses: the Experience of Tourists is Greatly Improved

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1. The advantages of AR smart glasses

Visitors wearing AR glasses can easily use the 5G network to search for their own location and send the on-site environment back to the information service platform in real time. Tourists only need to select the required services at the front end to enjoy the convenience of smart tourism.

After arriving at the scenic spot, AR smart glasses can also use images and interactions to help visitors better understand the background story of the scenic spot through various interactive methods.

At the same time, AR smart glasses can also be equipped with a translation function. Focus on the foreign language you see, and the built-in software will automatically recognize the language and perform instant translation. Then the corresponding Chinese will appear in front of you.

When you reach any street, you will not get lost with it, and it will tell you what shopping malls nearby are worth visiting and which restaurants are worth trying. No matter you arrive at any scenic spot, it will plan out the best route for you and explain every highlight for you.

If AR eyeglasses are applied to the Palace Museum, visitors will not only be able to see the “alive” Along the River During the Qingming Festival  through augmented reality images. The water of the Bian River is flowing, the characters in the painting are walking by the river, and the bustling streets are restored to life. You can even use 3D images to explain the history of Along the River During the Qingming Festival  and truly appreciate the charm of this famous painting.

2. The commercial value of AR smart glasses

The addition of augmented reality technology and AR smart glasses is quietly changing the way we travel, bringing subversive changes to our travel.

Nowadays, with the continuous development of AR product technology and AR glasses design, AR products have achieved fruitful results in the fields of traditional culture, education, and games, and are also showing strong vitality in the fields of medical, military and construction. Use AR display technology to display a variety of auxiliary information to users, and use this technical means to help companies better train workers, improve worker proficiency, and improve production efficiency and corporate benefits.

As one of the professional smart glasses manufacturers, Goolton Technology has a core design team in optical design, a large number of independent intellectual property rights, and mature optical design and production and processing experience. We have accumulated a group of outstanding optical design talents, have strong product research and development capabilities in the industry, and have always been at the forefront of the AR design field, leading the trend of AR product display technology. With the continuous innovation and development of Goolton Technology, we will bring more complete products to the field of AR display technology to meet the customized needs of scientific research institutions and corporate users.

Of course, many challenges such as the “post-Internet era” and “industrial Internet development” brought about by AR still need to be overcome, and AR technology also lacks the support of massive applications. But what is certain is that the commercial value of AR smart glasses is unlimited.