The Wisdom Of 5g Smart Glasses Industry Is About To Break Out

The Wisdom Of 5g Smart Glasses Industry Is About To Break Out

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From the perspective of the development of the mobile communication industry, 2019 is undoubtedly the first year of 5G.

What industries will the 5G era “subvert”? While various manufacturers launched star 5G mobile phones, the subversive impact of 5G technology on various fields such as transportation, media, manufacturing, and daily life also deeply shocked every exhibitor.

The automotive industry is a major beneficiary of 5G and a contributor to the promotion of 5G applications. With the help of 5G, autonomous driving technology will gradually mature, and the automotive industry will play a pivotal role in investing in 5G.

Many industries in the fields of film and television media, education, games, and sports will be more powerful due to the advent of 5G.

Through 5G transmission, news practitioners can upload high-resolution movies and picture materials to the rear production team with almost no delay, or publish them in real-time via the Internet. Any on-site emergency can be spread quickly, high-definition, and at a low cost. The entire media industry may usher in an innovation.

1. The second spring of smart glasses under 5G

Not only the arrival of 5G will subvert the entire industry, but virtual reality glasses technology has also always had a great impact on various industries in society. The cross-border integration of 5G AR glasses is to find real rigid needs in various application scenarios and focus on problems, solutions, and embodiment of value.

In the rigid demand market, the smart glasses industry has to do resource integration and innovation, the synchronization of sensors and images, and linkage technology is particularly critical. However, the development of the smart glasses industry has always been dragged down by a “disease”. This disease is a “delayed disease”. When experiencing VR/AR, dizziness will follow by, which is caused by network delays. The arrival of 5G may be a new opportunity for the smart glasses industry.

2. 5G + smart glasses = the “Wisdom” industry outbreak

“The smart glasses industry needs the addition of 5G technology.” The low latency, large bandwidth, and fast connection characteristics of 5G can perfectly solve this pain point in the development of smart glasses.

AR smart glasses, transmit real-time images through high-speed networks, provide multi-view image selection, very clear and high-quality penetrating 3D image effects, very suitable for video conferencing, for experts to remotely guide industrial sites. Goolton Technology Co., Ltd is committed to keeping improving augmented reality technology, continuously breaking through the technical barriers of the industry, improving user experience, improving user practicability, guiding industry changes, and contributing to the development of the digital economy. Through the digital twin technology, a real-world is recreated in the virtual space, combined with various big data applications like augmented reality applications for warehouse logistics, to realize the virtual operation feedback of the real world. In this way, it helps various professional fields to effectively collaborate, accurately analyze, and real-time early warning, assist the digital management of enterprises and leverage the trillions of AR supply and demand markets.

With AI empowering all walks of life, Goolton Technology Co., Ltd will enter more vertical fields. With AR glasses technology research and development and excellent products, Goolton will meet the needs of different application scenarios in all aspects, truly realize the interconnection of characters, and bring the world to zero distance.