Three Characteristics of AR Smart Glasses

Three Characteristics of AR Smart Glasses

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1. Smart glasses can free your hands

This is its greatest value, just like the mobile convenience brought by mobile phones which will make AR smart glasses shine in the industrial field. Since when we are in the industrial working site, our hands will be occupied, and when you need the need information urgently, you must stop your work and use your mobile phone or computer to query information. At that time, AR smart glasses are very valuable to liberate your hands. It allows you to keep your work in your hands, put information and work in the same time and space, without interrupting the continuous thinking of work, and improving our work efficiency.

2. The first perspective of smart glasses

So far, there is no way to collect data in the process of human work, especially from the first perspective. Some people will say “I can solve it by installing a camera on the head”. However, the video stream data brought by the camera is only a small part. The data generated by humans exists in the process of interaction. AR smart tech glasses are not only a camera with the first angle of view but also an interactive electronic computer intelligent terminal device. There will be interactions with it, and the resulting data will have more value. For example, you can use the interaction of smart glasses China to get the errors that occur during your work, the time to complete the task, your familiarity with the task, and it will also remind you of the content that is easy to make mistakes.

3. Near-eye display of smart glasses

Perhaps the immersion of near-eye waveguide display should be used as a collection of AR technology because mobile phones and computers do not have the full immersion of near-eye display brought by AR smart glasses. However, in addition to slam technology, the current AR recognition technology belongs to VST (video see out) type, which can only superimpose information in the visual field of video. It can only make you feel that it is the same to put a mobile phone in front of you since the virtual information and physical world also have a video frame.

However, the near-eye display has its value, that is, the convenience of UI interaction. The near-eye display will enlarge the screen we see because it will always be in front of you. So the information interaction with the screen will become easier. This is also one reason why we are unwilling to take out our mobile phone to help us complete our work, for the interaction between us and the mobile phone is still complex at work, and we can’t directly obtain information and see it in front of our eyes. Instead, we need to take out the mobile phone, remove our eyes from the operation object, focus on the mobile phone, open the screen, open the app, click on various information, and a series of operation processes, which seem to be more complex than work. AR smart eyes glasses are different. Because they are naturally presented in front of you, their interaction and content change. Voice and gestures these results will always be presented directly.