What Are Smart Glasses or AR Eyeglasses?

What Are Smart Glasses or AR Eyeglasses?

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1. What are smart glasses?

The glasses of smart glasses are like smart watches. In other words, they are all wearable devices that can present useful information to users. Just like a smart watch, these messages can be text messages, heart rate data, incoming calls, and turning directions, etc.

The advantage of smart glasses is that there is no need to divert your eyes to obtain information, and the information can be displayed directly in your field of view. In this regard, smart glasses are mainly used as head-mounted “head-up displays.”

2. What are AR eyeglasses?

AR eyeglasses are far more than just head-up displays. Their main function is to act as an augmented reality display. Augmented reality refers to digital information “as if it exists in reality.” This means that smart glasses can only be considered augmented reality when they can perceive the world around them, rather than simply projecting information onto a transparent screen.

At present, the reason people often refer to AR glasses as AR headsets is that in order to achieve a relatively wide field of view and collect enough contextual information to implement AR. Chinese smart glasses require very complex airborne hardware (so the equipment is huge). Of course, we all hope that AR headsets can eventually be reduced to the size of glasses specifications, but in the meantime, don’t believe any “AR glasses” statement, because they are actually just a kind of smart glasses.