What Are the Advantages of AR Security System

What Are the Advantages of AR Security System

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The basis of AR security system:

The first part: face recognition, gesture recognition and human action recognition. After calculation, a preliminary understanding of the object to be calculated has been obtained that is its image, action, intention, etc. The second part: the calculation of superimposed digital information that is what kind of digital information is superimposed on the screen of the recognition object, including the link of rendering. The third part: output. After rendering, it is output. You can see the effect of recognition, superposition and rendering on the mobile phone screen, glasses screen and other screens.

What can AR security system do:

AR (augmented reality) technology is becoming an important part of the new generation of infrastructure construction. AR technology has been widely used in marketing, education, entertainment, exhibition and other industries to improve user experience and obtain better communication effect. The manufacturing industry is also using AR security system (AR technology in equipment inspection, operation guidance and remote assistance) to improve efficiency and reduce error rate.

Computer vision technology + Mobile Internet communication technology + human-computer interaction also have a wide range of application scenarios in the field of public security.

How AR security system works:

In the process of AR generation, first of all, there must be a camera to capture the real world video. Through the computer recognition operation, then some superposition operation, and finally the rendering engine, it is presented again. The process is almost real-time.