What Are the Advantages of Glasses with AR?

What Are the Advantages of Glasses with AR?

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What is the difference between glasses with AR and helmets with AR?

VR helmet puts the display screen in front of the user’s eyes, blocking all the line of sight. Users can only see the content displayed on the screen, which increases the sense of immersion, but cuts off the contact with the real world. As another popular AR solution, glasses with AR can overlay the virtual content with the real world, which can achieve sensory experience beyond reality.

What are the characteristics of glasses with AR?

1. Comfortable wearability. As a wearable AR glasses, comfort is essential. This requires that glasses with AR should be as light as possible, and the appearance should be designed according to the characteristics of ergonomics, so that users can easily wear them for a long time. The most intuitive parameters to be used here are the weight and shape of the glasses.

2. Revolutionary way of interaction. In order to become a subversive computing platform of the next generation, there must be revolutionary innovation in display which is the most important interaction. The biggest feature of AR eyeglasses is that it is no longer a fixed display in a fixed space, and the whole space will become a 3D display for users.

What are the other advantages of glasses with AR?

Powerful processing power. As a computing platform, it needs powerful processing power, including data and graphics processing power. The main parameters are the performance of CPU and GPU. It has strong endurance. As a mobile computing platform, it should be able to be used for a long time after charging, so that it can really become a mobile computing platform.