H4000D AR GLASSES-Binocular waveguide display

*Day and night, outdoor and indoor, unlimited use;

*IP66 waterproof, the battery is detachable and lightweight design, sturdy to wear and battery life;

*Intrinsically safe zone 1 is explosion-proof, safe and secure;

*5G data transmission to ensure data security, the anti-shake zoom camera design ensures that the data is high-definition and effective;

*TOP-down waveguide display, free switching between operation and wearing, wide field of view without blocking;

*Spatial marking, red dot positioning, freeing hands to make remote communication easier and more direct;

*Multi-peripheral expansion, problem location and characterization in one step, improve operation efficiency;

*A variety of helmet adaptations, bid farewell to the embarrassment of wearing discomfort; The dual cameras can be adjusted and switched freely.

*Adapt to a variety of protective gear, making the operation easier and more direct;

*Voice + knob interaction, making the interaction more natural and direct, saying goodbye to the problem of insensitive use under harsh conditions;



Operating system: Android 9.0 & above

Display: double eye waveguide display

Wearing: helmet type

Resolution: 1920 * 1080px

Diagonal FOV: 40 °

Camera: 1.3MP

IMU: Nine axis

Microphone: Dual MIC

Distance sensor: Yes

Optical sensor: Yes

Fill light: Yes

Processor: MTK

Memory: DDR 4G

Storage: FLASH 64G

Network: 4G All Netcom

Transmission: Wifi/Bluetooth

Positioning: Beidou/GPS

Sound: Bluetooth headset

Interaction: keys, voice, Bluetooth remote control

Battery capacity: 5000mAh

Working temperature: – 10 ℃~60 ℃


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